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Natalie & Josh

Natalie called me one afternoon looking for information on wedding photography. After about an hour of talking on the phone about her vision for her and Josh’s wedding, we were totally friends.  Everyone that attended her wedding, as well as all of the vendors, were so sweet and treated me like family. I also love when brides pull me on the dance floor. She said “Get something to eat!” ; probably my 4 favorite words at a wedding.  She is probably the most organized bride I have ever met. No seriously, she had spreadsheets and timelines which helped a ton because I usually end up organizing the timeline for the day. I don’t think that she stopped smiling the whole day of her wedding. It was truly magical. When I photographed their first look… tears! Everywhere! Natalie was crying, Josh was crying, I was even crying haha! It was the sweetest first look ever. He even started tearing up when Natalie walked down the aisle, even though he had already seen her. Can we say #goals? Natalie is such an inspiration and such a sweet girl. She is the writer of “Wholeheartedly”, a devotional for singles, and has the most inspirational blog. Check her out: www.nataliemetlewis.com . She also has some amazing advice for ladies who are newly engaged! She has posts with tips on planning your big day and resources for making your big day stress free!

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Venue : Maison de Tours
Caterer : Zeas Catering
Photographer : Whitney Marie Photography
Videographer : Odideo Media Group
Florist : Root Floral Design
Brides Cake : Crystal Weddings
Make Up & Hair : Sara Buteaux
Wedding Gown : Madison James
Bridesmaid Dress : Adriana Papell
Paper Goods : Designed by Val Marie Paper with Lettering by Alex from Prairie Letter
Calligraphy : Prairie Letter
My Pinterest Board : Bride & Groom

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