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My client wardrobe is catered to dresses that are flattering in photographs! I love neutrals and pastels that don't compete too much with outside greenery and that compliment the studio as well! Most of my dresses are in size medium with a few large and a few small. Most of the dresses can be worn unzipped if they are too small (and we just won't photograph from the angle that needs adjusting) or can be pinned to fit in photographs! All of the dresses but one are bump/ post-partum friendly !

I love when my clients text me outfit ideas! I can help find colors that go well together and that will photograph together beautifully. I do have a few pieces for babies that are gender neutral. For newborns, I have neutral swaddles that we can use to wrap them up all snug!  I also have a few tie gowns that are gender neutral and photograph pretty next to the client wardrobe. I also have a few men's shirts (a white button down and a cream colored henley) that can be used as well! 

Client Wardrobe

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